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High Pressure Laminate Exterior panels
Made for all outdoor applications

Exterior laminate panel is excellent for facade cladding and renovating older buildings, adding an extra insulation layer and contributing value and aesthetic appreciation with minimal impact on the substructure of the building. It is a budget friendly method of recycling existing structures.

It can also be used for any other outdoor application such as balconies, exterior furniture, sun blinds, fascias, soffits, canopies, parapets, signages, porches, balustrades, railing-fillers, decorative fences, shutters and for a wide range of other exterior applications.

It is extremely weather resistant, structurally stable, self-supporting, robust, solid and a composite material manufactured at a high temperature.

Contact us for further information about the product, usage  areas, budgeting and back frame engineering & consultancy for you project.

ICI Building supplies - compact panels

A composite material manufactured at a high temperature at 150° Celsius |302 degrees Fahrenheit and with great pressure at 9 Mpa | 90 Bars with the use of High Pressure Laminate HPL machines in compliance with EN
438 – Part 6 and EN 438 – Part 7.

The core part of the material is comprised of phenolic resin impregnated wood-based saturated virgin fiber kraft paper layers.

• Durable, solid, sturdy and long lasting.
• Extremely weather, water, heat and frost resistant.
• Energy efficient and eco-friendly when used as facade cladding material.
• UV-resistance and color stability.
• Being of homogeneous construction, dimensionally stable and mechanically strong.
• Great pull-out strength.
• Easy to modify and demountable.
• Radiation resistant.
• No painting required.
• Moisture and thermal control when used as facade cladding material.
• Enhanced indoor environmental quality IEQ when used as facade cladding material.
• Improved acoustics by 14 dB when used as facade cladding material.
• Superior impact resistance.
• Non-corrodible.
• Non-splintering.
• Inherently antibacterial with hypoallergenic properties.
• Easily machinable, workable and quick to install.
• Suitable for all exterior applications.
• Self-supporting when used as facade cladding material.
• Easy to clean.
• Low maintenanc.
• Limits heat loss in winter and the transmission of heat in the summertime when used as facade.
cladding material.
• Termite resistant.
• Resistant to mold, mildew decay and rot .
• Optimum fire behavior, does not melt, drip or explode.
• Adds to the value appreciation of older properties.
• Safe in use.
• Available in a wide range of decors & designs.

Exterior compact can be ordered in 90+ standard decors & designs including wood and stone decors. Suede is the the standard finish.

Contact us to request samples, lo learn about decor & design formats, finishes and every other details you want to learn about the budget friendly compact laminate products.

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