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ICI Building Supplies -fastening parts - vario screws
Vario screw - Self-drilling screw

Application Range

•To form sliding and fixed points on substructures of rear-ventilated facades
•Fastening pre-drilled stainless steel or aluminium wall brackets to aluminium support profiles

ICI Building Supplies -fastening parts - Horizontal & Vertical Support Profiles
Horizontal and vertical supportprofiles

We provide the flexible structure system made of A4 stainless steel. 100% A4 Stainless steel substructure for horizontal and vertical support profiles. Increase your flexibility, facilitate the assembly and save precious time and storage cost.

ICI Building Supplies -fastening parts - LT systems
The LT system for facades

The LT screws can be combined with suitable centring grommets – adapted to every application. Completely removable for an unmixed separation of the used materials. Contact us for product varieties.

ICI Building Supplies -fastening parts - rivets

Open, closed or high-strength versions, multigrip or folding blind rivets, with flat, countersunk or large head and many more – there are virtually no limits to the range of available dimensions, types and versions.

ICI Building Supplies -fastening parts
SDF & Anchors

Special products for mechanical anchoring in non-cracked and cracked concrete as well as chemical and thus expansion-pressure-free products for heavy-duty fastening in concrete and masonry.

Tepe Betopan® production facility is located in Turkey. Production and shipment are carried out form this location and annual manufacturing capacity is approximately 67,500 m3.  The factory has been audited for ISO standards and managed according to the following conditions: ISO 9001; 14001; 18001 standards.

When you need more information about materials we provide and any other questions about ICI Building Supplies cement board, fiber cement board and all other products call us or fill out and send the form below.

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