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temporary floor protection mat - ICI Building Supplies Toronto
Floor Protection Mat

For all interior and exterior surfaces

Stairways, carpets, windows and wood frames, laminate surfaces, ceramic tile, natural stone and more. Essential for constructions and renovations.


Temporary Floor Protection Fleece - ICI

Koruser ® Classic Plus is a self-adhesive fleece with very high diffusion capacity for covering newly laid floors. The product consists of three layers and it is 180gm/m2. One roll covers 300 sq ft.

The underlay is a needle punched, non-slip, self-adhesive fibre fleece made of 100% recycled polypropylene (PP). The middle layer consists of a breathable polyethylene (PE) film and the top layer makes the product absorbent.

These membranes are diffusion-open to the outside and waterproof on the outside. This means that using Koruser ® Plus has no negative effect on the drying process of freshly laid floors.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends waiting for the final coat of the floor to be covered to dry for approx. 72 hours. Koruser ® Plus is highly permeable: 1.2 L / m² in 24h and therefore best suited for freshly laid floors.

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